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  • Indoor shell scheme: £275 per square metre A shell scheme stand within the exhibition hall. Includes carpet, waste bin, lighting and one electrical outlet (per 9m2)
  • Indoor space only: £225 per square metre
  • Outdoor space only: £150 per square metre

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Indoor shell scheme: £275 per square metreIndoor space only: £225 per square metreOutdoor space only: £150 per square metre

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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions, together with the electronic booking ‘registration’ form (the ‘Terms’) apply to each application for, and all participation in, Aquaculture UK 2020 Exhibition organised by 5m Enterprises Ltd, with its principal office at the Organiser, 8 Smithy Wood Drive, Sheffield, S35 1QN, UK (the ‘Organiser’) Exemptions from any of these Terms and Conditions may be granted at the Organisers’ discretion in writing.

1. Definitions: In these Terms and Conditions the term “Exhibitor” refers to any persons, firm or company who has made application for and who has been granted space in the Exhibition. The term “Exhibition” means the event detailed on the Exhibition electronic booking ‘registration’ form. The term “Organiser” means the Organiser identified on the Exhibition electronic booking ‘registration’ form, 5m Enterprises Ltd, its successor and assigns. The term “Exhibition booking form” means the prescribed form on which the Exhibitor has made application to the Organiser.

2. Entire Agreement:

(i) These Terms and Conditions, together with the Exhibition electronic booking ‘registration’ form and related forms, contain the entire agreement between the Organiser and the Exhibitor and may only be changed in writing signed by a duly authorized representative of each party.

(ii) The Contract shall be binding upon the parties and their respective successors provided, however, that Exhibitor shall not directly or indirectly assign, delegate, transfer, sublicense or encumber any of its rights or obligations under the Contract without the express prior written consent of the Organiser.

3. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom without regard to the conflicts of laws or provisions thereof to the extent such laws would cause the law of another jurisdiction to apply. The Exhibitor hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

4. Confirmation:

(i) Applications for stands must be made on the electronic booking ‘registration’ form and be submitted electronically or downloaded and scanned or posted to the Organiser.

(ii) Only the submission of an application on the prescribed order form, together with receipt of the necessary deposit as outlined in paragraph 7, final allocation by the Organisers and acceptance by the Exhibitor or the stand space, shall be deemed to a contract in acceptance of and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Email and telephone correspondence does not guarantee the availability of the stand space. The Organisers shall only definitively allocate the stand to the Exhibitor once both the completed electronic booking ‘registration’ form and prescribed deposit have been received.

(iii) In the event the Exhibitor changes VAT number, a new electronic booking ‘registration’ form must be completed.

(iv) The cost of booking acts as purchase of stand space and access to exhibition site as well as a basic listing in the show guide and on the event website (if application is made before the deadline outlined in the Exhibitor manual). The cost of booking specifically excludes stand furniture, car parking, insurance, food, beverages and accommodation, and any other additional services as may be required by the Exhibitor.

5. Purpose at the Exhibition: The purpose of the Exhibition is to promote the sale and use of aquaculture products and related equipment and services. Exhibits must be consistent with this purpose and must adhere, in each case in the determination of the Organiser in its sole discretion, to each of the following standards:

(i) Exhibitor must promote the marketing of aquaculture related products or services.

(ii) The Exhibitor shall not discourage, or promote the limitation of, the use, distribution or marketing of any aquaculture related products or services.

(iii) The Exhibitor may encourage or advance its own products, equipment or services; however, Exhibitor shall not unfairly criticize the products or methods of any other Exhibitor.

(iv) The Exhibitor shall not directly or indirectly promote or advertise any idea or product which is inconsistent with the stated purpose of the Exhibition.

(v) The Exhibitor shall not infringe the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party or unfairly compete with other exhibits.

(vi) The Exhibitor’s exhibit shall not have an undesirable or unreasonable deleterious effect upon another exhibit or impact on the area surrounding the stand space as outlined in clause 17.

(vii) The Organiser reserves the right to prohibit or remove any exhibit which detracts from the general character of the Exhibition as a whole, or consists of products or services inconsistent with the purpose of the Exhibition. The right to prohibit includes, but is not limited to, such persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything else of a character which the Organiser deems objectionable.

(viii) No Exhibitor may exhibit, demonstrate, sell, give away or advertise any goods, services or literature relating to goods or services which are not its property or which it is not entitled to advertise demonstrate, promote or sell.

6. Co-Exhibiting and transfer:

(i) Applications must list all firms being represented by the Exhibitor. The Organisers shall reserve the right to refuse any application for stand space or prohibit any exhibit.

(ii) The Exhibitor agrees not to assign or sub-let any of the space booked without the express permission of the Organisers. All Exhibitors wishing to host a co-exhibiting company on their stand must express this on the online booking ‘registration’ form and may only do so upon receipt of written approval by the Organisers. The main Exhibitor will be held responsible for the stand booking and organisation including invoice payment, health and safety obligations and completion of all forms.

7. Deposit: Payments as described below must accompany the registration form by an arranged bank transfer. No bookings will be accepted as valid without payment. a) For bookings done before 31st of December 2019: a 30% deposit will have to be made at time of booking to secure space. A second and final invoice will be issued on 1st of January 2020 for the balance. b) For bookings done after 1st of January 2020: the amount of the booking needs to be paid in full at time of booking.

8. Payment: The Exhibitor agrees that all fees related to exhibiting at the Event, or any other amounts owed to the Organiser, must be paid to the Organiser prior to 31 January 2020. All payments must be made in accordance with the terms and methods of payments set out on the booking contract form. In the event the Exhibitor fails to meet any such payment obligations, in part or in full, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel its contract with the Exhibitor and to resell or reallocate the stand space. In the event of cancellation, the provisions of paragraph 11 below relating to cancellation charges shall apply. In the event that the Exhibitor pays outstanding fees after such reassignment, the Organiser may, in its sole digression assign alternate exhibit space if available, which the Organiser deems appropriate and the Exhibitor will remain liable for payment of all previously agreed fees.

9. Allocation of space:

(i) Space will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis, and where possible, in accordance with the Exhibitor’s choice and preference. Exhibitors must indicate their preferred stand from the floorplan hosted on the event website at point of application on the prescribed electronic booking ‘registration’ forms. Should an Exhibitor wish to create a larger stand than available on the Organisers’ floorplan, they may book multiple stands to create a single larger stand. The desire to create a custom size space through multiple bookings or special agreement must be indicated at point of application by email to the Organiser.

(ii) Every effort shall be made to allocate to the Exhibitor the stand space which has been ordered. However, to facilitate an effective layout of the Exhibition and if the Organiser believes it to be in the interest of the Exhibition, the Organiser has the right to make a space reallocation at any time.

(iii) The boundaries of the stand are delineated by the shell scheme construction and do not include any aisle space whatsoever. Displays must not be placed anywhere other than within the perimeter of the stand. If in the opinion of the Organiser the Exhibitor’s stand or display extends beyond his allocated space, the Organiser may at its sole discretion charge the Exhibitor for the extra space so occupied at the prevailing rate.

10. Revisions to the booking: The Organisers will endeavour to facilitate all reasonable changes to the booking requested by the Exhibitor. All changes must be requested in writing.

(i) Increase of space: Requests to increase space booked will be subject to availability at time of requesting. If available, the request will be granted a secondary invoice will be issued to cover the price of the additional space.

(ii) Reduction of space: If the Exhibitor wishes to reduce the size of the space booked after the electronic booking ‘registration’ forms have already been received by the organiser, Cancellation charges will be applied proportionally to the size of space cancelled (see cancellation charges below). The Organisers reserve the right to resell the cancelled space once notice of cancellation has been received and acknowledged.

11. Cancellation: – In the event that an Exhibitor either wishes to cancel the space booked after electronic booking ‘registration’ forms have already been submitted, they must give notice according to clause 43. The Organisers reserve the right to resell the cancelled stand space once notice of cancellation has been received and acknowledged. Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the Organiser in respect to any breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor, the Organiser may, in its sole discretion, allow the Exhibitor to withdraw from the Exhibition subject to the following conditions:

(i) The Exhibitor must give written notice to the Organiser that it desires to withdraw; if the Organiser allows such withdrawal, it will notify Exhibitor of its decision by email;

(ii) Any such notification by the Organiser to Exhibitor will constitute a cancellation of the Contract subject to the settlement of payment between the Exhibitor and the Organiser as follows :

For cancellations where written notice is received and acknowledged by the Organiser prior to 23 March 2020, 50% of the price of the total booking will be charged as a cancellation fee to cover administration costs and potential loss of business

The cancellation fee will be increased to 75% of the price of the booking if written notice of the cancellation is received and acknowledged by the Organisers from 24 March 2020 – 20 April 2020

100% of the price of the booking will be due as cancellation fee if written notice of cancellation is received and acknowledged by the Organiser on or after 21 April 2020

The cancellation charges may be deducted from the amounts paid up by the Exhibitor. Any balance shall be returned without interest. If the amounts already paid up by the Exhibitor are insufficient, the Exhibitor shall forthwith pay to the Organiser the balance of the cancellation charges. The Exhibitor hereby acknowledges that the above amounts represent reasonable compensation for the costs incurred by the Organiser as a result of the Exhibitor’s cancellation and that they do not represent a penalty.

In the event of an Exhibitor becoming insolvent or entering into liquidation (other than voluntary liquidation for the purpose of amalgamation or re-construction), the Organiser shall be entitled to cancel its contract with the Exhibitor forthwith and the Organiser may resell or reallocate such stand space as they see fit. In this case, no sums paid by the Exhibitor under the contract shall be returned by the Organiser.

12. Changes made by the Organisers: The organisation of Aquaculture UK depends on a large number of practical requirements and third parties which can influence the final nature of the event. In the event of any substantial changes, such as revision to the layout of the Exhibition or the reallocation of stand positioning, the Organisers will inform the Exhibitor as soon as reasonably possible. Notification may be provided via email or verbally and changes will take effect immediately. If no response has been received within 10 days, the Exhibitor will be deemed to have accepted the change. All Exhibitors are required to accept any changes required by law, regulation, court order, local authorities or by the venue owner.

13. Postponement or abandonment: In the event of the cancellation or postponement of any aspect of this event or any failure to produce the event as expected, the Exhibitor shall have no claim against the Organisers in respect of any resulting loss or damage. The Organiser will repay the amounts paid by the Exhibitor in case of prevention, cancelation or abandonment of the Event after a deduction of 10% of the booking amount for administration costs.

The Organiser shall not be responsible for delays, damage, loss, increased costs or other unfavourable conditions arising by virtue of cause or causes not reasonably within the control of the Organiser. For purposes hereof, “cause or causes not reasonably within the control of the Organiser “shall include, but not be limited to: fire, casualty, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, accident, blockade, embargo, inclement weather, hurricane, tornado, governmental restraints, declaration of public emergency, strike, lockout, boycott or other labour disturbance, technical or other personnel failure, local, national or other laws, ordinances, rules, orders, decrees or regulations and/or any act of God.

If however, in the opinion of the Organisers, re-arrangement or postponement of the period of the Event, or by substitution of another hall or building or by any other reasonable manner the Event can be carried through, the contract shall be binding upon the parties, except as to size and position of stands, as to which any modifications, substitutions or re-arrangement they consider necessary shall be determined by the Organiser.

14. Data protection and GDPR: In this paragraph, “Personal Data”, “Process” and “Processing” shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. If any Personal Data are disclosed by a Party in connection with the Exhibition, the receiving Partyshall, in relation to such Personal Data: Process the Personal Data only in accordance with instructions from the Organiser; Process the Personal Data only to the extent, and in such a manner, as is necessary for the performance of the Exhibitor obligations under these Terms or as is required by law; implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the Personal Data against unauthorised or unlawful Processing and against accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration or disclosure. These measures shall be appropriate to the harm which might result from any unauthorised or unlawful Processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage to the Personal Data and having regard to the nature of the Personal Data which is to be protected; and take reasonable steps to ensure that such Personal Data are not unlawfully disclosed or Processed as a result of access to such Personal Data. Parties agrees to comply with all applicable requirements of the Data Protection Legislation in its collection, use, processing and storage of personal data from attendees to the Event or otherwise.

15. Compliance with regulations: The Exhibitor shall abide by and observe all requirements, laws, rules and regulations whether imposed by the Organiser, the proprietors or managers of the Exhibition building or any municipal or any other competent authority

16. Attendance: The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Organiser shall not be held responsible for the failure of all any other contracted Exhibitors to attend the Exhibition or the failure of any number of attendees to attend the Exhibition for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser. Any application for stand space or any acceptance thereof by the Organiser shall not be conditional on the presence of location of any other Exhibitor at the Exhibition or any other Exhibition.

17. Stands:

(i) Plans for specifically built individual stands other than those constructed within the standard shell scheme must be submitted to the Organisers for approval before 31 March 2020 and before construction is ordered. The stand design must be in accordance with the stand build regulations listed below and adhere to the booking terms and conditions. Full details of the stand design as well as the risk assessment and method statement of the proposed construction team should be included in plans submitted to the Organisers. Solid walling where facing other stands and long runs of walling should also be avoided and full details of any walling should be included in the space only stand plans submitted to the Organisers. The Exhibitor shall ensure that all necessary approvals and licenses for his exhibits have been obtained. The Organiser shall have no liability to the Exhibitor if approval of a stand or stand element cannot be obtained or is not obtained in time for the stand to be ready for the Exhibition.

(ii) No Exhibitor is permitted to erect his exhibits in a manner which would, in the opinion of the Organiser, obstruct the light or impede the view along the open spaces or gangways of the Exhibitions or cause inconvenience to or otherwise affect the displays of any other Exhibitor. Stand walls and decorations must not exceed a height of 4m on space only stands or 2.5m within a shell scheme stand. If adjoining walls of differing heights are erected, the Exhibitor with the higher wall must ensure that the exposed rear is neatly faced and decorated to the satisfaction of the neighbour and the organisers. Company logos or sign writing are not permitted on the back of dividing walls. No wall may be erected within 500mm of a walkway or open side.

(iii) The Exhibitor shall ensure that they keep the space occupied by him and the common areas around it, including exits and walkways, free of obstruction, neat and clean at all times.

(iv) All electrical installations and hire must be carried out by the Organisers’ nominated supplier Global Exposition Services Inc (GES) only, as outlined in paragraph 31.

(v) The Organiser reserves the right in its absolute discretion to require the Exhibitor to, and the Exhibitor shall promptly, remove any exhibit from the allocated stand space that does not comply with these terms and conditions. The Exhibitor will be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from his failure to remove all exhibits and display materials from his allocated stand space if requested by the Organiser during the Exhibition opening hours.

18. Damage to the Exhibition venue:

(i) Care should be taken to avoid any damage to any part of the venue structure. No nails, screws, staples or other fixtures may be driven into any part of the hall structure including floors. Painting or permanently altering any part of the event building or shell scheme is prohibited.

(ii) Balloons, stick on decals or similar items are not permitted in the venue.

(iii) No vehicles, including fork-lifts, may enter the Exhibition venue without written permission from the Organisers.

(iv) The Exhibitor must surrender any occupied walk on package in its original condition. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser for any damage caused by the Exhibitor, his employees, agents or contractors to the Exhibition premises or to any walk on package occupied by the Exhibitor

19. Use of flammable materials: The Exhibitor must adhere to all fire and safety regulations which affect the event.

(i) All materials used for the building, decorating, draping or covering of stands must be made of non-flammable material or have been rendered non-flammable by an approved process in accordance with statutory regulations and requirements to which the Event may be subject.

(ii) All fabric used within stands must be attached to a solid backing and secured at lease 100mm from floor level and light fittings

(iii) All electrical wiring and cables must be clear of the floor.

(iv) No packing materials or empty boxes may be stored behind the shell scheme or on the stand floor and must instead be stored in an orderly fashion where they will not present a fire risk.

(v) Fire Points and Exits must be kept clear at all times

(vi) Exhibitor must conform to the regulations and conditions concerning explosives and dangerous materials, combustible or otherwise, as laid down by local authorities and other statutory bodies. Any materials or exhibits not approved by these authorities or the Organisers must be removed from the premise.

(vii) Any potentially flammable or explosive materials must be highlighted within the Exhibitor’s risk assessment.

(viii) Candles and other naked flames are not permitted due to the danger of fire. Battery-powered fake candles should be used as an alternative in all cases. Should an Exhibitor wish to use candles then permission in writing from the Organisers must be gained prior to their use.

20. Health and Safety documentation:

(i) Upon acceptance of stand space following application, the Exhibitor is required to digitally complete all prescribed health and safety forms included in the Exhibitor manual/website. The Exhibitor must complete and submit these forms by 31 March 2020, as outlined in the Exhibitor Manual. In the event the Exhibitor fails to meet any health and safety documentation obligations in time, whether in full or in part, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel its contract with the Exhibitor and to resell or reallocate the stand space. In the event of cancellation, the provisions of paragraph 11 relating to cancellation charges shall apply.

(ii) The Exhibitor is responsible for maintaining an up to date risk assessment on their stand and must conform to and observe all requirements concerning dangerous materials. Any substances must be clearly identified, labelled in accordance with the Globally Harmonised System and accompanied by a risk assessment. Appropriate spill management materials must be available and kept with the substance. No poisons, petrol, corrosive chemicals, compressed gases including LPG, flammable substances or other dangerous substances or materials are allowed into the Exhibition.

(iii) Bacteria grow in water and there is a risk from Legionella Pneumophila, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires Disease. Exhibitors must identify any water features on their Stand, whether or not such feature produces spray and provide information in advance of the Exhibition on a documented risk assessment. The Organiser reserves the right to prohibit, temporarily or permanently, the use of any water feature that has not been subjected to a proper risk assessment or where any water feature is identified, in the opinion of the Organiser, to be a risk to public health.

(iv) The Exhibitor must nominate a health and safety representative for their stand who will be responsible for taking action against reasonably foreseeable risk in order to ensure the safety of event attendees and contractors. This representative will act as a point of contact for the Organisers in the event of any health and safety concerns.

21. Working machinery and moving exhibits:

(i) All moving parts of machinery must be adequately guarded at all times. All such machinery must be clearly shown on stand plans and submitted for approval.

(ii) Moving machinery shall, at the expense of the Exhibitor, be installed and fitted with adequate protection, to the satisfaction of the Organiser.

(iii) If such machinery is, in the opinion of the Organiser, dangerous, noisy or is likely to cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or to Visitors, it shall be switched off or removed on request by the Organiser.

(iv) No motors, engines, furnaces, contrivances or power-driven machinery may be exhibited in operation without adequate protection against fire and other risks unless approved by the Organisers Health & Safety Manager in writing after a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment has been undertaken. Such permission may be withheld or withdrawn at any time should such operating exhibits be of a nature likely to cause danger, annoyance or inconvenience to other Exhibitors or attendees.

(v) Safety devices and/or safety guarding may only be removed after permission in writing has been received from the Organisers, and only when the machinery is not in operation and made safe. In such cases the machinery must not be connected to a source of power and such guards removed only for the purpose of showing a Visitor the design and construction of the uncovered part or parts. In such a case however, the safety devices which are removed must be placed immediately beside the machine and replaced as soon as possible.

22. Name badges: Non-transferable passes of admission (badges) will be supplied to the Exhibitor for distribution to its personnel at the times specified in the Exhibitor Manual and must by worn and visible at all times during the open hours of the show and during the exhibition build and break- down periods. No person(s) shall be admitted to the Exhibition without such passes. The Organiser reserves the right to limit the number of passes issued to the Exhibitor.

23. Noisy and distracting exhibits: The Organisers reserve the right to regulate any activity on the part of any Exhibitor that may cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or visitors to the Event. This includes excessive noise from working exhibits or sound equipment which exceeds 60 decibels. The use of strobe lights, lasers and smoke generators is prohibited.

24. Live animals: No Exhibitor shall be allowed any live animal on their stands without the Organiser’s prior consent in writing. Live animals will be prohibited from entering the Exhibition with the only exceptions being registered service animals. An animal is any living creature having a vertebrate structure.

25. Conduct: The Exhibitor and all persons for whom it may be considered responsible in any way whatsoever, must conduct themselves in such a manner as shall not, in the view of the Organiser cause grievance, aggression, distress or disturbance to any other Exhibitor, attendee, the Organiser, the Owner or third party contractor, and shall not create any disturbance, loud noise or obstruction or demonstration which is in the view of the Organiser unnecessary or unacceptable. Any person(s) who does not comply with the requirements of this paragraph shall be liable, at the discretion of the Organiser, to be removed from the Exhibition Hall and refused re-admission during the period of the Exhibition without refund. The Exhibitor must ensure that all persons employed or engaged to work on their stand present a clean and tidy appearance and maintain a polite and sober demeanour at all times. The Organiser may confiscate the pass of and exclude from the Exhibition any person not conducting himself in the required manner. Any person deemed to be intoxicated in the opinion of the Organisers will be removed from the Exhibition.

26. Advertising and canvassing: The Organisers appreciate the distribution of promotional material is a primary reason for exhibiting. However, advertising on site is only possible through the official sponsorship packages offered by the Organisers and through the distribution of material from the Exhibitor’s stand. Noisy advertising of any kind, canvassing and leafleting away from the stand are prohibited and the Organisers reserves the right to remove and Exhibitor seen doing so from the event.

27. Photography and Recording:

(i) Exhibitors wishing to take photographs or video recordings of their stand agree to obtain written consent from any event attendee who will be featured in said recording. No photographs, video or recording about the event as a whole shall be made by the Exhibitor without written consent of the Organisers, which shall be granted at the Organisers’ sole discretion.

(ii) The Exhibitor agrees and authorises that the Organisers may take photographs, record and broadcast images and video of the Exhibitor’s stand space, exhibit content, and exhibit personnel as part of the recording or broadcasting of the Event in general and for promotional use by the Organisers. The Organisers however need to obtain written consent from any exhibit personnel or attendee who will be featured individually in photographs, records, images or videos.

28. Opening hours and duration of the Exhibition: The opening times for the Exhibition are detailed in the Exhibitor manual. During these times and as from 30 minutes before opening, stands must be adequately manned by the Exhibitors staff with the exhibits fully set up and not covered up. No exhibit shall be packed, removed or dismantled prior to the closing of the Exhibition without written permission from the Organiser. If the Exhibitor acts in breach of his provision he shall pay to the Organiser, by way of compensation for the detraction to the Exhibition’s appearance a sum equal to one third of the total amount payable by the Exhibitor for his allocated stand space.

29. Access to site for set up:

(i) The Exhibitor may enter the Event premises for the purpose of erecting, installing, furnishing and preparing their exhibits only on such date and times as outlined in the Exhibitor Manual. The Exhibitor must be present on site and have completed furnishing the space allocated to them by one hour prior to the opening of the Exhibition – 11.00am on 19 May 2020.

(ii) In the event the Exhibitor fails to set up their stand before this time, they shall be deemed to have cancelled their stand space booking and the Organiser shall be entitled to cancel its contract with the Exhibitor or to resell or reallocate such stand space as they see fit as outlined in paragraph 11 and the provisions of paragraph 11 relating to cancellation charges shall apply.

(iii) The erection, installation, furnishing or preparing of Exhibition stands or of exhibits is prohibited during the Exhibition opening hours. Goods may not be moved, delivered or removed during show hours without the Organisers’ written consent.

(iv) In the event that an Exhibitor is aware they will arrive after the aforementioned deadline, they must alert the Organiser who will provide details on alternative arrangements as they see fit.

30. Dismantling of exhibits: If the Exhibitor, after official close, should fail to remove all his property or otherwise fail to vacate the Event premises during the time period outlined in the Exhibition manual due to any cause whatsoever, the Organisers may remove and destroy any property of the Exhibitor. Any associated costs of such removal shall be paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser on demand. The Exhibitor shall be fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the venue owner, or any other losses and costs incurred by the Organisers as a result of the Exhibitor’s failure to vacate the site.

31. Electrical equipment and supplies:

(i) All electrical installations and connections will be carried out and checked by third party contractors appointed by the Organisers.

(ii) Additional lighting and power services will be available to the Exhibitor through the official electrical contractor, Exposition Services Inc (GES). Details of these services, together with relevant charges, are available in the Exhibitor manual. Should the Exhibitor have any electrical requirements additional to those supplied as standard, they may arrange for these only through the official stand contractor Global Exposition Services Inc (GES)using the order form provided in the Exhibitor manual. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the aforementioned order form constitutes an arrangement between the Exhibitor and Global Exposition Services Inc (GES) for which the Organiser is not liable.

(iii) Power in excess of single phase will only be supplied upon direct liaison with the Organiser. Special requirements must be notified at least 4 months before the event or at booking

(iv) The Exhibitor acknowledges that for reasons of safety and efficiency, only contractors nominated by the Organiser may be engaged for the provision of additional electrical supplies, power or equipment. The Organiser reserves the right to remove or refuse any non-approved supplies or suppliers from the site

(v) The Exhibitor may provide his own electrical fittings where such fittings are in the form of made- up units, complete and ready for connection to the main supply, provided that they are industry approved and they have been properly tested. Proof of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing) is required for all electrical equipment in use at the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall ensure that all necessary certificates have been obtained for such equipment and that proof may be made available at the Organisers request. The Organisers expressly decline any responsibility for the condition or compliance of the Exhibitor’s own electrical equipment and reserve the right to remove any that they or the Venue owners consider not to comply with the regulations in force at the Event or to be dangerous.

32. Food and beverages:

(i) The distribution of any food or beverage, including confectionary and bottled water, from your stand is only permissible by prior arrangement with and must be supplied by Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort Limited. The Organiser reserves the right to prohibit distribution of any items which have not been supplied by Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort Limited. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the aforementioned order constitutes an arrangement between the Exhibitor and Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort Limited for which the Organiser is not liable.

(ii) The preparation, heating and production of food or beverages is prohibited.

(iii) It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that they obtain an ingredients lists from Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort Limited which draws attention to allergen details. This list must be prominently displayed on the Exhibition stand whenever food or beverages, including confectionary, are available for consumption by event attendees. In the absence of an ingredients list, the Organiser reserves the right to prohibit the distribution of food and beverages from any stand until a list is available and displayed.

(vi) All food and drink consumed on Aquaculture UK stands must be bought from or supplied by the Resort Catering Services.

33. Furniture hire: No furniture will be provided by the Organisers. Exhibitors may order furniture only through the Organisers’ nominated contractor, Global Exposition Services Inc (GES) using the order form provided in the online Exhibitor area. Details of these services, together with relevant charges, can be found on the Global Exposition Services Inc (GES) website. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the aforementioned order form constitutes an arrangement between the Exhibitor and Global Exposition Services Inc (GES) for which the Organiser is not liable.

34. Accommodation, travel, visas and freight: The Exhibitor acknowledges and agree that the fees for the Exhibition do not include accommodation, subsistence, visas, insurance, freight charges, international or domestic travel costs or other ancillary costs arising out of participation in the Exhibition.

35. Intellectual property rights: The Exhibitor shall only be entitled to use the Organisers’ name, trade marks and logos for the purposes of promoting their attendance at the Exhibition and in accordance with any style guides or other instructions issued by the Organiser. The Exhibitor hereby grant to the Organiser a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use their logos and trade marks (registered or otherwise) for promotional and commercial use in connection with the Exhibitor involvement with the Exhibition (including, without limitation in any promotional or functional materials prepared by or on behalf of the Organiser for the Exhibition). Except where these Terms expressly state otherwise, nothing in these Terms shall give either party any right title or interest in the intellectual property rights of the other or to any associated goodwill and the parties acknowledge and agree that all such rights and goodwill are and shall remain vested in the other. Each party shall promptly notify the other of any actual or threatened infringement of any intellectual property rights of the other party which comes to its notice and at the request and expense of the other shall do all such things as may be reasonably required to assist in any proceedings in relation to any such infringement or claim.

36. Insurance: The Exhibitor agrees to effect insurance on a full ‘all risks’ basis, to insure their own goods and merchandise against all fire theft and perils for a sum insured equivalent to the full value of all Exhibitors brought to the event. Exhibitors are further required o maintain public liability insurance to a minimum of £ 1,000,000. The Exhibitor shall provide proof of adequate cover to meet the insurance requirements outlined in these terms as well as a copy of its public liability insurance certificate to the Organisers before construction of the Exhibitor’s stand commences.

37. Indemnity: The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser against all actions, claims, suits, costs, expenses or demands (whether in respect of damage to property, personal injury or otherwise and including all legal costs and other expenses suffered or incurred by the Organiser) which any person may bring or claim arising in relation to the Exhibition caused by the Exhibitor´s breach of these Terms or any other acts or omissions of the Exhibitor, it´s employees, agents, contractors, Representatives or invitees.

38. Loss and damage to property: Third party security staff contracted by the Organiser will be on duty throughout the period of tenancy of the Event whilst the event is not open to the public but shall be under no liability for loss or damage to Exhibitor property. The Organisers do not accept responsibility for any theft, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever, in respect of any property brought to the Event premises by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor releases from and indemnifies the Organisers against any liabilities in respect of any loss or damage to the exhibits or any other property brought to the Venue.

39. Liability: Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or restrict the liability of either party to the other for death or personal injury resulting from negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation or in any other circumstances where liability may not be limited under any applicable law. Subject to the immediately preceding sentence:

(i) Neither the owner of the Venue nor the Organiser accepts any liability for any accident, damage or injuries suffered in any way in connection with the Exhibition by the Exhibitor, it´s employees, agents, contractors, Representatives, invitees or any other person whatsoever;

(ii) the Organiser shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for: loss of profits; loss of business; depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses; loss of anticipated savings; loss of goods; loss of contract; loss of use; loss of corruption of data or information; or any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses; and

(iii) the Organisers’ total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise arising in connection with these Terms shall be limited to the fees paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser under these Terms.

(iv) Information given by the Organiser about the Exhibition is accurate to the best of its knowledge but does not constitute any warranty or representation by the Organiser and therefore any mistake or omission will not Exhibitor to cancel his stand space booking.

(v) Whilst the Organiser shall use its reasonable endeavours to organize and promote the Exhibition in such manner as it considers appropriate, the Organiser reserves the right to amend or vary the manner or methods of such organization and promotion and therefore any statements made by or on behalf of the Organiser as to audience projections or methods or timing of promotion shall constitute only general indications of the Organisers’ promotion and organizing strategy and shall not amount to any representation or warranty.

(vi) The liability of the Organiser to the Exhibitor for all claims relating to the Exhibition or the Contract, shall not exceed the amount of the fees paid to the Organiser by the Exhibitor in connection with the Contract. -The foregoing limitation of liability and exclusion of certain damages shall apply regardless of the success or effectiveness of other remedies.

40. Third party contractor services: The Organiser accepts no responsibility for breakdown, cancellation or failure of any of the services provided for, or in connection with, the Exhibition by a third party.

41. No alteration, addition, amendment or waiver to or of, the Contract shall operate to release Exhibitor from the Contract. No course of dealing between the parties shall operate as a waiver of any of the parties’ rights under the Contract. No delay or omission on the part of either party in exercising a right under the Contract shall operate as a waiver of such right or any other right hereunder. No waiver shall be binding unless it is in writing and signed by a person authorized to execute such waiver on behalf of the waiving party.

42. Independent relationship Neither the Exhibitor nor the Organiser is or shall be construed to be a partner, joint venture, franchisee, employee, agent or representative of or with the other for any purpose whatsoever. Except as specifically permitted by the Contract or by a separate written agreement of the Organiser and Exhibitor, neither party has or shall have any right or power to act as the agent or to act on behalf or in the name of, or to bind, the other party. Nothing herein shall be construed as granting Exhibitor any proprietary right, title or interest in the Organiser or as granting the Organiser any proprietary right, title or interest in Exhibitor.

43. Written notice: All notices, requests and other communications required or permitted under the Contract must be in writing, and must be sent by registered mail or e-mail, addressed to the parties at the address for each set forth on the Exhibit Space Application, Notices shall be deemed given two days after sent, if sent by registered mail; and shall be deemed served on dispatch if delivered by e- mail, if despatched during a business day, provided that there is a read confirmation by the recipient.

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