Companies exhibiting at Aquaculture UK 2018 are listed below. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor in 2020 please contact us.

Stand Number

Stand Name


2/OS2 HS Marine www.hsmarine.net
3/OS3 Maritime Aqua/Tenfjord
7 Fish Farmer Magazine www.fishupdate.com
9 Thistle Marine (Peterhead) Ltd www.thistlegroup.co.uk
11 Nortek www.nortekgroup.com
13 MacDuff Shipyards www.macduffshipyards.co.uk
17 Sunderland Marine Insurance www.sunderlandmarine.com
21 Airmac-Gdi Limited www.compressorsales.co.uk
23 Arklow Marine Services www.arklowmarine.com
25 AquaGen Scotland Ltd www.aquagen.no
25 Vaxxinova AS www.vaxxinova.no
27 Institute of Aquaculture www.aqua.stir.ac.uk
29 Huvepharma NV www.huvepharma.com
31 BioMar Ltd www.biomar.co.uk
33 Buccaneer Ltd www.buccaneer-ltd.co.uk
35/OS30 Multi Pump Innovation AS www.mpi-norway.com
37 Aas Kystservice AS www.aaskystservice.no
41 IntraFish Media www.intrafish.com
43 Proteum Limited www.proteum.co.uk
45 Ferguson Transport & Shipping www.fergusontransport.co.uk
47 Highland Waste Services/Rock Highland www.highlandwasteservices.co.uk
51 Tom Morrow Tarpaulins (Inverness) Ltd www.tm-tarpaulins.com
55 Steen-Hansen AS www.steen-hansen.no
59 W & J Know Ltd www.wjknox.co.uk
63 Hatchery International www.hatcheryinternational.com
65 AFEX www.afex.com
67 Lift Up AS www.liftup.no
69 Gael Force Group www.gaelforceaquaculture.co.uk
75 INVE Aquaculture www.inveaquaculture.com
75 Benchmark Animal Health www.bmkanimalhealth.com
75 Benchmark Breeding and Genetics
75 Fish Vet Group www.fishvet.co.uk
75 SalmoBreed www.salmobreed.no
75 StofnFiskur www.stofnfiskur.is
75 Spring Genetics www.spring-genetics.com
75 Akvaforsk Genetics www.akvaforskgenetics.com
77 FAIVRE SAS www.faivre.fr
78 Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd www.anchorchain.cn
79 Salling Plast A/S www.sallingplast.com
81 Pacific Trading Aquaculture Ltd www.ptaqua.eu
89/OS4 Sterner AquaTech UK www.sterner.co.uk
91 Meercat Workboats Ltd www.meercatworkboats.com
99/OS10 PHARMAQ Ltd www.pharmaq.no
100 Acta Marine www.actamarine.com
100 Nauplius Workboats www.naupliusworkboats.com
101 EWOS www.ewos.com
105 Brimmond Group
107 Guy Cotten (UK) Ltd www.guycotten.com
109 Kaycee Veterinary Products Limited
111 Mørenot Aquaculture AS www.morenot.com
115 International Aquafeed – Fish Farming Technology www.aquafeed.co.uk
116 AMPCS LTD/td> www.ampcs.co.uk
117 Concept Life Sciences www.conceptlifesciences.com
121 A-Consult Ltd www.aconsult.co.uk
123 Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation www.scottishsalmon.co.uk
129 Aqualine AS www.aqualine.no
131 Aquaculture Directory www.aquaculturedirectory.co.uk
133 Dual Pumps www.dualpumps.co.uk
139 Skretting www.skretting.co.uk
141 Pulcea www.pulcea.com
143 Hydrotech AB www.hydrotech.se
145 OceanTools Aquaculture Ltd / OTAQ www.otaq.co.uk
147 Aqua Pharma Ltd. www.aquatic.no
149 Vaki www.vaki.is
151 Highlands and Islands Enterprise www.hie.co.uk
153 Steinsvik UK Ltd www.steinsvik.no
155 Ace Aquatec Ltd www.aceaquatec.com
157/OS48 AKVA Group Scotland Ltd. www.akvagroup.com
159 VARD Aqua Scotland Ltd. www.vardaquaculture.com
161 Migdale Transport Ltd
163 KJ www.kj.fo
165 Aqua EcoSystems UK Ltd. www.aqua-ecosystems.com
167 Botngaard AS www.botngaard.no
169 MSD Animal Health www.msd-animal-health.co.uk
171 Abdie Solutions Ltd. www.abdie-solutions.co.uk
173 Xelect Ltd www.xelect.co.uk
175 Feeding System SL www.fishfarmfeeder.com/
177 Inverlussa Marine Services www.inverlussa.com
179 Northwards Ltd www.northwardsltd.com
180 RSPCA Assured www.berspcaassured.org.uk
181 R N T Tanks & Silos Ltd www.rnttanks.com
182 SAIC www.scottishaquaculture.com
183 Hercules Hydraulics www.herculeshydraulics.co.uk
185 Sentronic GmbH www.sentronic.de
187 VEGA Controls Limited www.vega.com
191 Badinotti Group SPA www.badinotti.com
193 Realtime Aquaculture www.rtaqua.com
195 Technical Retail Services / TRS Refrigeration www.trs-group.co.uk
197 Neptune Shipyards www.neptunemarineservice.nl
199 Flexi Panel www.gradingsystems.com
201 M-Dive www.m-dive.co.uk
203 Hvalpsund Net A/S www.hvalpsund.com
205 La Tene Maps www.latenemaps.com
207 IAS Products www.iasproducts.com
209 CM Aqua Technologies www.cmaqua.dk
211 Deep Trekker Inc. www.deeptrekker.com
213 Unst Inshore Services Ltd / Fluggaboats www.fluggaboats.co.uk
215 Yamaha Motor Europe N V Branch UK
217 Processplus Ltd www.processplus.co.uk
219 Turfopes www.tufropes.com
221 Crosby Europe www.thecrosbygroup.com
222 Matparts Limited
223 Vónin www.vonin.com
231 Advanced Aquacultural Technologies, Inc www.advancedaquaculturaltechnologies.com
233 Damen Shipyards Group www.damen.com
235 PCI Gases www.pcigases.com
237 Grundfos Pumps www.grundfos.co.uk
249 NWP Aquaculture www.nwpaquaculture.com
253 Aggreko www.aggreko.co.uk
261 Elanco www.elanco.com
263 Trimara Services UK Ltd www.trimaraservices.com
265 Center for Aquaculture Technologies www.aquatechcenter.com
271 Pump Supply AS www.pumpsupply.no
273 Gardner Denver www.gardnerdenver.com/industrials
277/OS11 HPC KAESER Portable Compressors & Accessories www.hpccompressors.co.uk
279 EnviroMonitors www.enviromonitors.co.uk
280 Aqua Farming Solutions BV www.aquafarming.solutions
281 Moen Marin AS www.moenmarin.no
282 RIAWATECH AS www.ria-aquatech.dk
283 Scottish Environment Protection Agency www.sepa.org.uk
285 5m Publishing / TheFishSite www.thefishsite.com
287 HL.SKJONG UK LTD www.hlskjong.com
289 Seafish www.seafish.org
293 Laboratorios Hipra S.A. www.hipra.com
295 Palintest Ltd www.palintest.com
299 Norseaqua AS www.norseaqua.com
307 Europharma Scotland Ltd www.heuropharma-uk.com
309 JX Nippon ANCI Inc. www.panaferd.com
311 Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd www.addfield.com
313 Mainstay Marine Solutions Ltd www.mainstaymarine.co.uk
315 Fusion Marine Ltd www.fusionmarine.com
319 Aquamoor www.aquamoor.co.uk
321 Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers www.assg.org.uk
323 University of the Highlands and Islands www.uhi.ac.uk/aquaculture
327 Maskinfabrikken APOLLO A/S – IMPEX AGENCY A/S www.apollo.dk
331 Helm & Evonik, New Partners to fight Sea Lice www.helmskandinavien.com
333 JT Electric www.jt.fo
337 DHI www.dhigroup.com
337 Danish Fish Tech Group c/o Danish Export Association www.dk-fishtech.com
337 DESMI A/S www.desmi.com
337 Landia A/S www.landia.co.uk
337 KSK Aqua ApS www.ksk-aqua.dk
337 IRAS A/S www.iras.dk
337 Inter Aqua Advance – IAA A/S www.interaqua.dk
OS6 Coastal Workboats Ltd www.coastalworkboats.co.uk
OS8 CleanTreat by Benchmark www.cleantreat.no
OS9 UCO www.underwatercontracting.com
OS18 Aquatiq Hygiene Systems www.aquatic.no
OS28 Tideman Boats BV www.tidemanboats.com
OS36 Malin Group
OS44 Trane www.trane.com
OS48 Egersund www.egersundgroup.no
OS58 Tideman Boats BV www.tidemanboats.com
OS90 Migdale Transport Ltd
UC1 Vogelsang www.vogelsang.co.uk
UC3 Flatsetsund Engineering AS/Pure Shipping AS www.fls.no
UC4 Marine Supplies (International) Ltd www.marinesuppliesint.com
UC5 Nutri-Ad International NV www.nutriad.com
UC7 Riverdale Mills www.riverdale.com
UC8 Food Innovation AS www.foodinnovation.no
UC11 Evolution Aqua www.evolutionaqua.com
UC12 Calysta www.calysta.com
UC15 Fish Farming Expert www.fishfarmingexpert.com
UC16 Navalu www.navalu.fr
UC17 iTecSolutions Systems & Services as www.bio3000.no
UC19 Seneye www.seneye.com
UC20 Shellfish Hatchery Systems


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