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This webinar provides updates on the latest innovations in sustainable feeds along with emerging diseases, prevention and treatment. The speakers explore the next generation of genetic improvement for aquatic species including the application of genome editing and the use of CRISPR technology to develop reproductively sterile and monosex populations.

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Dr. André Dumas Director of Nutrition

Dr. Xavier Lauth, Director of Innovation

Dr. John Buchanan, President and CEO

Dr. Mark Braceland, Director of Fish Health

Session Programme

• Introduction by Dr. John Buchanan
• Dr. André Dumas – ‘Latest developments in sustainable feeds’
• Dr. Xavier Lauth – ‘Genome editing to produce monosex and sterile fish for aquaculture’
• Dr. Mark Braceland – ‘Emerging diseases of global Atlantic salmon (S. salar L.) Aquaculture’
• Dr. John Buchanan – ‘Tools for genetic improvement’
• Moderated by Dr. Debbie Plouffe Q&A session