MAY 2016

Aquaculture UK has agreed to offer all students a bursary for the May intake of the University of St Andrews Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Aquaculture. Every student enrolling between now and the end of the Conference/Exhibition (26 May) will receive a £500 bursary towards the course fees.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Aquaculture is a perfect entry level qualification for anyone moving into the discipline or for those who are working in the industry but have no formal qualifications.

Covering all areas of the aquaculture industry, the modules comprise of; the global aquaculture industry, fish and invertebrate biology and aquaculture products and markets, just to name a few.

As the course is delivered 100% online it offers a flexibility to students that few courses can and provides the opportunity for career improvement with a professional qualification from one of the UK’s top-ranking universities, without attending classes.

Student Bonnie Waycott successfully completed the online course in 2014 and explained: “I did worry whether I could strike a balance between work and study but the course was very self-paced, and having 24-hour access to the online portal meant I could study in line with my everyday schedule and go over certain parts of the course in my own time before moving on. My tutors were extremely approachable and supportive – flexible with deadlines and always available to help and answer questions. I found this very encouraging and reassuring.”

Bonnie has now started on the Postgraduate Diploma course having successfully completed the Undergraduate Certificate Course.


To claim your bursary simply email elearning@5mpublishing.com and someone will be in touch.

Aquaculture UK


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